We have a large selection of lightweight systems for HSLC Passenger Craft. Our units ensure universal access for handicapped. These are light weight, low cost and high- quality system.



These units are fitted to the deck and pier heights during engineering. The units are available with no telescopic sections as a minimal solution. In use, the ramp is first raised to ensure clearance over the pier, then the shoreside ramp is lowered. At the end, a final access flap can be lowered to ensure flush access. On the ship side, the ramp has railings and fitting to ensure safe transit. The ship side can also be fitted with tall towers and interlocking railings, making it possible to use the gangway as a wheelchair lift between decks of larger passenger vessels.



Bow ramps are used when the vessel is pushing all the way up to a flush dock. This can ensure a large capacity boarding, as the port can be very wide. To allow a good view for the captain, the ramp can also be telescopic or stacked. The bow ports can also be fitted for many pier heights and can also be prepared for wheelchair access or wheeled cargo transfer.