Landing systems for passenger vessels

Side mounted landing systems

Customized for your deck height and landing height during engineering. When docking, first raise the system level over the dock, then telescope out and down. Finally, the end flap is laid out so that it rests on the quay.

On the boat side a ramp for access to the superstructure is added. The ramp can also be equipped to be hoisted up and down with wheelchairs on the ramp, our "HC lift".

See our gangway in use by one of our customers HERE

Regine Normann HCHD gangway

Bow (or stern) mounted landing systems

These solutions are typically for quick push-on landings and for movement of a large number of people in a short period.

We have a number of different designs that takes into account reach, weight, capacity and adaptability.

Bow gangway
Testing bow ramp

Combined gangway and hoist

Some of our models are approved for moving people between decks, as well as accessing high and low piers. Download a pdf drawing here

HCHD upper station

High capacity ferry gangway

This gangway is extra wide and has a sliding motion, making it easy to reach high or low piers right in front of the vessel

Ferry at charging dock
Gangway reaching up