Ferries and cruise vessels

Gangways for ferries and cruise vessels

These systems are generally suited for large volumes of passengers embarking on larger vessels.

Wide gangways with self-leveling steps or flat surfaces lets passengers transverse easily with or without baggage or even wheelchairs. We have a few custom units (below) and gladly work with designers and owners to develop bespoke solutions.

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Self-leveling steps

The linked steps always stay horizontal to the pier. Generous width makes it easy to transit with help, meet someone in the other direction or carry luggage.

The fixed and stiff side railings collapse to aid storage in limited openings

See the gangway being deployed and retracted here.

Gangway landing upwards

Extra wide ramp

Our extra wide passenger ramp is both sliding along the deck, telescoping in the middle and has a hydraulic flap at the end. This ensures that this compact unit can reach both high and low from the same installation, ensuring efficient transit. The walking surface is flat with slats and friction-enhancing paint. Transit with strollers, wheelchairs or rolling luggage is easy.

This will be deployed on the Oslofjord passenger ferries, see the unit in production here

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Bow car ramp

Lightweight and capable car ramps for fast ferries has previously been a challenge. Our sandwiched ramp surface and sturdy stainless hinges ensure that this ramp can even carry buses and trucks, while still being lightweight and inexpensive.