Compensating gangways

Our active motion compensating gangways are in use worldwide for crewchange and offshore access. Our two main types are both lightweight and cost effective:

12m compensating gangway

Compact and lightweight, only 2,5 metric tons. Low power consumption and ease of installation and integration makes this a favorite for crewboats and small PSV/OSVs.

Available as purchase units, can also be rented for short projects.

12m reference projects

Candy Basket

Candy Store

Alkhafi Chief

Zwerver II


LukOil caspian

15m compensating gangway

Longer reach and a little better compensating capacity compared to the 12m. This gangway has full DNV St-358 type 4 approval and has performed well in projects from the Caspian Sea to Asia and the Middle East. Available for rent from our UAE subsidiary.

15m reference projects

Langepas (LukOil)

Glomar Vantage (for Deme)

Neptune (Middle East)