MM105 double end ferry
Undertun Industri as with a contract for 12 evacuation systems for commuter ferries
Undertun Industri as has, in cooperation with Viking Lifesaving systems and designer Multi Maritime, landed a contract for delivery of 12 evacuation systems to 3 large commuter ferries.
The evacuation systems are integrated in the superstructure with its access from main deck, ensuring quick and safe evacuation over to life rafts each with a 150-person capacity.
The evacuation systems includes a wave-compensating gangway from main deck to the life raft entrance. The life rafts are held in place by the gangway, avoiding the use of bowsing lines and any manual positioning of the rafts along the ship.
The ferries are being built by Sedef for Boreal. 2 105-car ferries are for the Molde-Vestnes  route, one 75-car ferry is for Tjøtta-Forvik in Nordland. All the ferries feature electric propulsion systems.
Bjørn J Endresen, Viking Life: «The patented evacuation systems by Undertun together with our compact liferafts ensure safe, quick and reliable evacuation of a large number of passengers. Our liferaft technology coupled with cooperation with Undertun and ship owners worldwide ensures that the safety of passengers and crew is guaranteed“
Bjørn Olav Espe, Multi Maritime: “The 150-person system is easy to integrate into the hull, is lightweight and offers great convenience and economic benefit for the owner. Some ferries can transit with less crew since the systems are automatic deploying and bowsing without any manual operations. These compact and lightweight systems are perfect for the newer vessels where space utilization and fuel consumption is extremely important.”