Handicap and injured

We make gangways and equipment to facilitate handicapped and damaged on high speed passenger vessels, passenger boats and ferries. Universal access requires that the use of these should be seamless and not require intervention by crew or helpers. We also create special solutions for ambulance boats and passenger boats for patients.


Stretcher/cot Lift

This is adapted to the deck height and landing height during engineering. The unit on the left has access from both sides and the height adjustment allows for level access from any quay or boat. The platform can also be hoisted with stretcher and passengers on, to avoid having to push a stretcher over a steep ramp.

The boat pictured is built by Maritime Partner.

Elsa Laula Renberg

High speed boat side entrance with elevator

This solution is simple, has great range and can be adapted to landing on multiple decks. Wheelchairs are run onto the ramp, the end ramp closes and the walkway is hoisted to the right height. The wheelchair can then be driven off on a horizontal walkway.

The system can be easily retrofitted onto existing vessels and requires little (electric) power from the ship.

Emergency chair lift

Stair Lift

This lift chair is locked away when not in use. When it is used, it is quickly put into place and an operator helps the passenger up.

The Chair has battery operation and there are no wires that need to be pulled apart from the charging point at the end of the stairs. The system can be easily retrofitted onto existing ferries and railings.