Large vessel landing systems

We manufacture a range of gangways for large vessels. Our most popular versions are the 9m and 12m "door" and "tilt" gangways, but we also make bespoke solutions to fit customer requirements.

Tilt gangway for horizontal storage
Norwegian Gannet tilt gangway

"Tilt" gangways

These gangways store flipped up sideways into the ship side. The slot for the gangway can also be closed with weather covers. The gangway can swing alongside from back to front.

6m, 9m and 12m versions are available. Collapsible railings allow compact parking slots. 

Product sheet here:  12m

Door gangway
Polar door gangway

"Door" gangways

These gangways store vertically behind a weather (water) proof door with locking chokes. Compact 6m and 9m store within one deck height, longer 9m and 12m versions store in about 4,5m height. Railings are fixed, railing on the rotating hinge platform is modular so any angle from perpendicular to alongside is possible.

Product sheet here: 9m 12m

Slide gangway

This is a vertically storing gangway on a slide base. When in use, the gangway and slewing platform is driven out and the gangway is then swung and lowered in place. Available with 9m and 12m gangways.

Product sheet HERE

Video example HERE

Slide gangway

Flip open gangway

This is a very compact gangway, will fit in one deck height, waterproof hull side and takes little deck space inside. Perfect for landing straight into a reception. Custom widths and lengths possible.

Product sheet HERE

5m flip down

Ferry ramp

We also make bespoke lightweight ferry ramps for lightweight vessels. We do not make steel ramps for traditional commuter or oceangoing ferries

Erla Kongsdottir lasttest

World first electric autonomous container vessel

The Yara Birkeland is the world's first self-propelled electric and autonomous container ship. For the two year monitored testing period, a gangway is important to allow personnel to access the gangway when docked. As the vessel arrvies without crew, the gangway can be remotely controlled by the dock handlers.