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A selection of our deliveries are presented here:

Ganggway for Polar Nattoralik of Polar Seafoods and Freire Shipyard

Undertun delivered 12m walkway to trawler "Polar Nightora lik", Rolls-Royce design and Freire Shipyards building number 716

Undertun supplies to the expedition ship Roald Amundsen

Undertun industry is proud to have delivered the boarding systems to the new flagship of the Hurtigruten «Roald Amundsen». Read more about the ship here: https://www.hurtigruten.no/skip/ms-roald-amundsen/

Undertun supplies a large, adjustable staircase that ensures easy and efficient access to docks and terminals of varying altitude (and high and low tide), as well as the solution for the transportation of handicapped.

The system has been delivered in cooperation with Ulmatec, a company we have provided many common solutions together with.

Footpath on Polar Seafoods and Freire

Undertun delivered 12m walkway to trawler "Polar Nightora lik", Rolls-Royce design and Freire Shipyards building number 716

Offshore compensating walkway to Candy Fleet

Undertun industry has thus far delivered two 12m long active compensating walkways to Candy Fleet. The reader has been at the forefront of getting into walkways in the Gulf of Mexico and has full support from the energy company Fieldwood which has chartered the boats.

We look forward to increased demand on walkways for this type of use from around the world.

See the company's security briefing here: YouTube video

Gangway system to the world's first hybrid passenger catamaran

The Norleds MS Fjordled is a hybrid passenger vessel that accommodates 89 passengers, 24 metres long and 7 metres wide, and uses electric propulsion in port areas and normal diesel operation at full speed. The boat has the best exhaust cleaning possible to achieve, Tier III, and thus satisfies future environmental requirements. 

The boat meets the latest requirements in universal design, including the landing system from Undertun making the main deck wheelchair accessible.

Watch video Here

MS Fjordled
MS Fjordled

Gangway to the world's first slaughter boat "Norwegian Gannet"

A 12m "tilt" version walkway is mounted mid-ship and is used for dock access from this innovative ship. This goes in traffic between Norway and Denmark and processes fish on the way to the continent, while all offal, wastes and run-off are handled securely on board.

More pictures here