Delivery of 10 passenger gangways for electric-driven shuttle ferries

Undertun Industri as contracts for delivery of 10 passenger gangways for electric-driven shuttle ferries

Undertun Industri as, in cooperation with the designers Multi Maritime as, has entered a contract to deliver 10 gangways to 5 compact passenger ferries. The gangways are installed at the ends of the double-ended ferries and are used when docking at piers and terminals in the Oslofjord.

The gangways are compact and lightweight, and also with a long reach both vertically and horizontally to ease traffic to piers of varying height and design. The gangways are extra wide to allow quick passenger egress and ingress, to allow the ferries to cruise at moderate speed between calls, important in order to conserve energy for the electric ferries.

The ferries are being built for Boreal at Sefine Shipyard in Turkey. The 5 ferries are for foot traffic only and are battery powered.

Bjørnar Huse, Undertun Industri: «We have worked extensively with the designers, yard and end user to solve challenges for size, capacity and weight. We have made a solution that is well aligned to new requirements and old piers, with good solutions for foot traffic and access for disabled.»

Morten Aune, Multi Maritime: “The gangway integrates well, is lightweight and offers great convenience and benefit for the owner. Quick deployment and turnaround is important as it lets the ferries cruise consuming less power.”

Gangway landing upwards
Ferry at charging dock

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